Cabbage and Carrot Kimchi


Delicious and nutritious! And oh so odoriferous!!

I just altered my sauerkraut recipe with cayenne pepper and crushed red peppers.

See recipe under Ferementation page.

By Suzi Shelhamer

Spring Cleaning our guts
We just started our Ayurvedic cleanse. This is a wonderful bi-annual practice of eating Kitchari for lunch and dinner every day for a week (or more) and rice for breakfast. 

Here’s our breakfast rice. 


Basamati rice, raisins, almonds, cinnamon and ghee. I cook the rice  in the crock pot over night. Add the raisins etc in the morning. 

Here’s lunch and dinner

Kitchari makes me want to lick my bowl when I’m done. Basmati, mung Dal bean (looks like lentils), kitchari seasoning from Banyan Botanicals and ghee. It all comes in a kit along with detox tea and Seasame oil for self massage to run out the toxins.  Also a bottle of Triphala to take at night for added cleansing results in the morning. 

I cook the kitchari at 8:30 am in the crockpot on high and it is ready at noon. There is enough for 4 meals in the directions on the kitchari seasonings. 

The rice makes enough for four breakfasts at 1 cup rice, 2 cups water. I always double that because I like to have extra rice around. 

I cook the kitchari on low in the crockpot overnight if we are taking it with us the next day. 

We always add cilantro, more ghee, and Himalayan salt. You can add veggies if you want but this is the way we love it. 

After doing this fulfilling cleanse you have a nice feeling of accomplishment of being disciplined and for some reason it is very easy to say, ‘sorry, we can’t eat that (fill in the blank)_______unhealthy food. We are on a cleanse.’  Then when it’s over, you have created a healthy habit of saying no, but the greatest thing is you just don’t want that garbage in your nice clean pipes!

All the info on cleanses is on Banyan Botanicals website. Just click the top picture for more info. 


By Suzi Shelhamer

How to make Blue Solar Water with a Clear Jar

Here you see you do need a blue jar or two but just place them in front of your clear jar and the blue rays shine through. You can see the blue rays on the ground. 

Placing your jars on the ground is extra beneficial when weather allows. A windowsill works too. Note a house plant grows well through a Window’s light in the winter.  So will your water charge in the sun. If you place your jars on the ground make sure it’s on the dirt. Not grass. It acts as a buffer and doesn’t get the best charge. One hour minimum is best. 


By Suzi Shelhamer

Winter Blues

We in the north of North America really are shafted when it comes to sunlight in the winter.  I am so grateful I don’t live any further north.  The sun sets about 4:15 p.m. on the Solstice, and doesn’t rise until 8.  That’s good and all for those who like to hibernate, but I think we all still lack all the nutrients from the sunny days.

Gratefully, this has been an El Nino winter and it has been very mild here.  ‘Thank you Mother Nature’. Another thing I am grateful for is the Sun Gazing.  This has helped immensely with my mood, and energy levels, and appetite (lack of).   Here is my article on Sun Gazing.

So since I know my mom and Mother in law are not going to bundle up in the winter temps of (9 degrees this morning) Wyoming and Montana, go hug a tree and watch the sun come up…I’ve tried to find the next best thing.  I looked up Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Lights, and found this baby.


Philips GoLIGHT BLU Energy Light – Health & Personal Care

Healthy Gadget Girl had to get one too.  The reviews were what sold me on it.  It helps with Insomnia by re-setting your internal clock.  Mitch’s mom has had a ton of energy, and sounds very chipper.  She opened hers up early, so she’s ahead of the game.

We turn it on us while we are on the computer.  You don’t look into it.  It just shines on you like a blue sunny day.  There are 3 settings, and the 1st setting is pretty intense as it is.  It does feel like I’ve watched the sun and changes the light in the room.

I will use it on days the sun isn’t shining and when we sit in the computer room.  By Mitch’s mom results already I would recommend this product.  Plus we all know I love Light Therapy!  I am such a believer that our cells LOVE light.  On the Lasers, the blue light kills bacteria.  So, maybe this blue light helps in that sense as well.

Everyone got health related gifts from us this Christmas, even though I wasn’t going to participate.  I hope the gifts get used.  Here some of the gifts our family received from us this year.  Many available in our boutique.




Copper Gloves that are WORKING for my father in law.  I told him to wear them at night:


Himalayan Salt Inhalers for the kids who smoke e-Cigarettes.  We use ours every night.  Available at the boutique


Tongue Cleaners for EVERYONE!!  All food, and bacteria enter the gut from the mouth.  This scrapes it off.  Brushing your tongue only smears bacteria around.  This also stimulates healthy digestion.  Healthy Gut Healthy Body









By Suzi Shelhamer

Probiotic and Enzyme TEST

Tonight at the ‘Diet Class’ we did a little experiment with oats and two pill forms of probiotics from Natures Sunshine.  There were 3 cups.  Each with old fashioned rolled oats and water.  Then we opened one capsule of each probiotic into two of the other bowls.  I would get up occasionally and stir the oats and it was amazing to see the breakdown, the Proactazyme kicked butt!  It basically chewed the oats up like a blender.  It was so impressive I can’t even remember the name of the other Probiotic we tried.

We also ATE, as in chewed up, one of Nature’s Sunshine FISH OIL PILLS! Super Omega 3  I was so afraid to stick this giant gel cap in my mouth, let alone chew it.  I waited for others to go before me, even though she handed me the pill first.  Mitch popped it in his mouth and it CRUNCHED when he chewed it.  He said, ‘It’s not bad, tastes like lemon’.  The girl next to him said the same thing.  So I tried it, and it was lemony, and oily.  And weird.

On the way home we talked of these experiments, and taste tests, and Mitch asked if we should buy these products.  Now I LOVE Nature’s Sunshine, and believe they are the purest supplement, oil, cleaner, etc… multi-level company out there.  Plus they actually send you CASHOLA when you buy product and people buy under you.

Anyway, I told Mitch I think we eat the way these pills are meant to work.  We drink kombucha daily, we eat Sauerkraut dang near daily, and we eat lots of almonds and nuts, and seeds.  These are in the form our body is meant to break them down.

So I decided to do a little experiment when we got home.  I got three little bowls and filled them with a little bit of rolled organic oats.  I poured some Goats Milk Keifer in the first bowl, Sauerkraut + it’s juice in the second, and Kombucha in the third.


The Kiefer made it sticky and ball up, but I did noticed the oats breaking down.  The kraut didn’t break it down much, but for some reason it felt very light.  The kombucha being the wettest did some work, and was breaking it down.  I was boiling water for the sleepy time tea, and Mitch suggested I added some before it boiled to assimilate the warm fluids in the belly.  That evened the experiment up to one we did in the Diet Class.

We plan to leave this test out all night and see what we wake up to.  So far, the Kombucha seems to be the winner.  Stay tuned until tomorrow.

test 2

Kombucha Wins, Keifer second and Kraut last.  All three did break it down, but pleasantly surprised by Kombucha’s work.


By Suzi Shelhamer

Great Movies to watch on Health and Eating Properly


Most Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime,*, or* – (free online)

    • Inside the Living Body – National Geographic
      • This movie opened my eyes, seeing the aging process from the inside of the body
      • -we only have one chance!
      • The whole movie is on You Tube!! Inside The Living Body
  • Supersize Me
    • The month long experiment of eating at McDonalds
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
    • One of the neatest examples of carrying around extra weight
  • Forks Over Knives (Scalpel Knives that is)
    • Researching Dr.s heal people with food.  Great statistics on American Health
  • Hungry For Change
    • How to Transform Eating Habits for Good
  • FoodMatters
    • How our grocery store foods are depleted from nutrition, and the importance of organically grown food to feed our bodies the nutrition they need vs. a pill to heal.
  • Planeat
    • Re-examine our love affair with meat and dairy
  • Genetic Roulette
    • evidence points to GMO foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the U.S. population, especially among children
  • Food Inc.
    • The truth behind GMO foods, and Corporate Farming
  • Farmegedon
    • Similar to Food Inc.
  • King Corn
    • Exposes Monsantos  forceful farming tactics

Check out Jamie Oliver on where he talks about  sugar! is having a free month incentive right now.  Also great yoga videos on there!

By Suzi Shelhamer

Eat the Sun

We just watched the movie Eat The Sun.  A Good movie since we are INTO SunGazing.  Might be a good movie to watch if you are on the fence and don’t know if you want to do it or not.  It makes you think both ways and gives you the choice if you want to do it or not.  Pros and Cons are definitely brought up.


We are going to keep doing it.  My vision has already improved and this movie proved it.  Lots of subtitles, and I could read them!  We have lots of energy, and since I’ve done it longer than Mitch, I am feeling the lack of appetite.  It would be crazy if I could get to the point of not eating.

Anyway.  Just wanted to make a note of when we watched the movie so we could look back someday and see where we were and what we were feeling.  A sun gazing diary is a good idea.  I am up to 4 minutes and 40 seconds.  Remember there is a technique to it.  Just the first and last hour of the day is the sun safe to look at.  You start at 10 second intervals.  Gaining 10 seconds everyday.  Mitch and I both jumped ahead.  I think I started keeping track and adding the ten seconds after I basically started by looking for a minute the first day, and maybe two minutes the second day, then 2:30, then I started being more technical, adding only 10 seconds every day.  Its a nice discipline.


By Suzi Shelhamer

Solar Charged Water


Here I charge my solar water in my blue bottle with parchment paper rubber banded for caps, and my big clear glass jar with a glass lid. All in front of my beautiful Buddha at the mouth of the riverbed. Notice the bottles are on the sand, not on grass or a wood deck. Dirt or sand is best for the charge from the sun is better there. Just like Earthing should be done on the sand.

So the more I read on the solar water the more excited I get.  It is actually an ancient practice.  I went to a clients house a few months ago, and she had blue bottles on her porch full of water and I asked – ‘What’s with the blue bottles?  They are my favorite.’  She said – ‘It was from that book that YOU suggested to me, Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.’  Well I did not remember THAT in the book, but it has been years since I read it.  I have however applied the Ho’oponopono prayer almost daily, especially while holding fussy horses.  Anyway, she went on how great the water is for so many things, and that she makes it for her sister and everybody uses it for healing this and that.  Hmmmm, that was very interesting to me – mental note, check into that more later.

Then came the SUNGAZING!!!! Ahhhhhhh, listen to the angels sing.  In the video, Hira Manek speaks about charging your water in the sun.  Then it came to me – Blue bottles!  I had 3 of them, and they all magically came home to me at about the exact same time.  One was at SoHL, the building we just packed up…and two were in my moms car since mothers day, and my dad had just found them.  Coincidence?  Divine Timing – I am finally ready for this.

So here’s one of the coolest things about Blue Solar Water, it helps to release old harmful thoughts you can’t release.  Very nice….  I will add a nice list from website.  Same link as Ho’oponopono above.

We drink it straight, and make our coffee, tea and Kombucha with it.  I give it to the dogs and they suck it down.  I feel doubly blessed since we have a Kangen Machine and we get the greatest water there is for the human body and make it even better!  It excites me at strange levels of excitement, it’s hard to explain how something so simple, but so huge as our water tastes, yet the benefits it has for our bodies.

Last weekend we had company and did a taste test.  All in paper cups before dinner. First tap water, YUCK!  I haven’t tasted straight tap water from our tap in two years!  Nasty, and no one liked it.  Then we did straight Kangen 9.5 pH.  Much better and what I am used to in everything.  Then the Solar water that we had just brought in from outside.  Hands down everyone liked it better.  Everyone agreed it tasted ‘sweeter’ and lighter yet very hydrating.  Nice!  I can drink to that!  Cheers!


P.S. Make sure you label your water LOVE (watch little video) if nothing else, use a maker and write on your faucet, and your glasses, and water bottles, your camelbacks, etc…

Blue Glass Bottles for Blue Solar Water

What is Blue Solar Water and what does it do?

 According to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (Hawaiian Ho’oponopono master), in the book “Zero Limits”, Dr. Len states that “Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories replaying problems in the subconscious mind and helps the body to Let Go and Let God”.

Benefits and Uses of Blue Solar Water:

  • Blue Solar Water is a symbol of purity and life.  It brings joy.
  • Blue Solar Water can be used to help remove recurring problematic “memories” or programming that runs in your subconscious, freeing you from their effects. It may even help remove blocks that you’re not aware of since it works at a subconscious level.
  • In the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, Dr. Hew Len says that the body loves lots of water.
  • Fill your blue bottles with water and set them in the sun.
  • Rinse off with it after showering…
  • Wash Fruits and vegetables in it…
  • Use it for anything you use water for such as cooking.
  • Make Coffee with it!
  • Make hot tea with it!
  • Water house plants with it: makes plants grow much better!
  • Chemo: it’s important to drink a lot of water when taking chemotherapy, in addition to the benefits of blue water, having several bottles of water to work through helps to make sure you drink enough.
  • Children love to have “blue water”, especially at bed time.

Blue Glass Bottles

Making Blue Solar Water:

  • Fill a blue bottle with water.  Needs to be Glass and needs to be Cobalt Blue Glass not painted glass.
  • Do Not use a cap or cover when placing in the sun.  Varying temperature may compromise glass and break.
  • Place the bottle in direct sunlight or, if direct sunlight is not available, you can place under a bright incandescent lamp for one hour or more.
  • Never put under a fluorescent light.
By Suzi Shelhamer

Farewell Constant Contact

Well I’m about to cancel my membership to Constant Contact.  It’s a great company, don’t get me wrong.  It’s an awesome way to advertise with email to your select group of friends, clients etc…  and to see the results of how many people actually open your emails, and click on any links you have included in your letter.

I had CC as a way of means to keep people in touch with all the happenings at the little Holistic School we just sold.  I’ve paid my last electric bill there, gas and water.  I just turned over the writers group over to the writers in that town, and have started another up here in the town I live in.

I will write one last email and invite friends to like our Facebook page (which I hardly ever get on) and or subscribe to this blog.

IMG_1798Hello Friends, thank you for following! (Click the blue ‘Follow’ button on the bottom right hand corner)

So back to why no more Constant Contact.  It’s as ego driven as Facebook and Instagram.  ‘Who liked my email enough to open it’?  Constant Checking.  Facebook – ‘Who liked my post’?  Selfie, Selfie, Selfie – Narcissism….Sorry friends, but lets check that out.  If you can take pictures of yourself, post them for anyone to see and never look back at it again- I don’t see it as ego driven.  My friend Alli, is gorgeous, and BUSY, and she has to market herself basically as her way of making a living.  But I know she doesn’t have time to let hours be sucked away by looking at a friend of a friend of a friend’s vacation from two years ago.  This is what happens, and I could have been reading some great book instead of creeping on strangers pages.  Re-read that last sentence.  When did those words become part of our everyday vocab?

My husband’s daughter put a great selfie of herself on Fbook the other day, and a man friend told her she was beautiful (which she is), and she thanked him for the compliment, and then soon after she apologized in a very rare and adult way that in no way did she mean to flirt, and offend her husband.  Then the post was gone.  Stupid Facebook.  She was only following suit of every woman out there. As far as I’m concerned Facebook is great for seeing pictures of the kids and advertising – that’s it!  It’s also great for sucking your time!

These websites are also traceable, I can see how many people check on here via my stats page, but usually they are all from Brazil just picking up my websites emails and sending me Brazilian Woman emails.  But, I have so many websites to keep track of, I hardly ever remember to check the stats.

So, it was a good run with Constant Contact. I would recommend them to any small business.  But I am in the beginnings of some Radical Purging of Stress.  Adios second business in another town.  Adios dreaded newsletters, Adios ego.  Hello time for creativity!!!!

In Peace (and Quiet)


By Suzi Shelhamer