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Health is worth fighting for

Let’s get back to the very beginning. The Essence of Ourselves. And this is it. The One Thing we must always remember to keep very clear in our minds.


If we can keep this basic fact in mind and remember the part about ‘coping with the human awakening’ and realize that everyone else is also trying to ‘cope’. And if we could all relax with one another and honor each other’s point on the map of their pilgrimage. Send love to those you don’t agree with. Send love to YOURSELF.

I am Suzi, a health nut.  One of those crazy ‘Granolas’ a whacko ‘Tree Hugger’ a ‘Goody Two Shoes’ I used to make fun of.  Like many other health nuts, I went to the other end of the spectrum first to realize this life style of self destruction wasn’t my True Essence.  I had been an alcoholic for 19 years.  Waking up and having a screw driver for breakfast.  Or in my earlier years, drugs, and alcohol for breakfast.  I still would cram in my sit ups, and always wanted to be thin, then I found out how handy being bulimic was in keeping my weight down.  That went on for 6 years along with the drinking.  All the while raising a family, running my own businesses and keeping house.  A body can only take so much, and I ended up in re-hab – Thank God.

While in rehab a doped up, zoned out girl was escorted in by the cops right behind me.  I checked myself in, a blessing that allowed me to check myself out 5 days later.  Oddly their Breathalyzer read a ‘0’ when I blew into it.  Another blessing I later found out.  I watched the zoned out girl get checked in, and then I went through the most humiliating check-in right in front of all the other patients who watched TV.  They weighed me, I weighed more than I had during all three of my pregnancies.  They took my picture, it looked nothing like me.  Soon it was bedtime.

I was bunked with the doped up zoned out girl who fell directly to sleep and snored her brains out in her drunken stuper.  On the other side of her was a glowing gal who had made the rounds in different rehabs in the state.  ‘This place is the Hilton compared to the rest’ she said.  She had been there for 30 days!  30 days sober sounded impossible to me.  But her energy, her inner light, and super positive attitude was infectious.  I stood at the foot of my bed after I had brushed my teeth and looked at these two examples of women in front of me.  I knew what I didn’t want, and I knew what I wanted right then.  Scared straight you might say.

This is 2016 as I write this, that was 12 years ago, 12 years ago I became friends with God as I saw him/her as a force all around me in everything called ‘Love’.  Since then I have done a LOT of self education, had several successful businesses and have dived into this healthy life style whole heartedly.  I am always up for something new, and if I see something I like, I usually figure out a way to do it myself.

I became a Reiki Master in 2010 learning about our energy centers called chakras.  I had/have amazing results with my clients and I love giving Reiki treatments.  I also learned of the healing abilities of essentials oils at the same time and also enjoy giving oil treatments as well.

I started yoga in 2012 and found myself.  There I found my spirit, lying on the floor in savasana silently crying after a beautiful practice of connecting my mind, body and spirit, it was huge.  I found inner strength. I made even more major transformations in my life in 2013.  I went to yoga teacher training in 2014 in Jackson WY, under the great teachers that I honor Adi Amar, and Angelah Tong.  I sold my yoga studio in Worland after moving away and now teach from my home Serenity Wellness Retreat.  I am so fortunate to LIVE at a retreat, and help people feel better.  Living at a retreat was actually one of my goals that has come true.  After I watched Dr. Dyers movie ‘The Shift’.

Here at the retreat we also have a dog and horse boarding facility, and are Airbnb Hosts.  My super loving and supportive husband (who is also a yogi) shoes horses full time and takes care of the horse side of the boarding, and I take care of the dogs. Together we offer Equine Yoga Workshops.  Magical days of yoga, meditation, eating Ayurvedic food, and riding horses and connecting with them in this relaxed state. Equine Yoga

I am also an artist at heart, and dogs are my passion, so I mostly paint pictures of dogs when I get commissioned, or have some free time (rare).   When I go along to help hold the horses for my husband I fall in love looking into their eyes (check them out here) .  I have to take pictures of their eyes, and sell some of the prints I make, and books I’ve put together as well.  

(Update 6/2019: I am studying to become a certified Art Therapy Life Coach – ooooooo yeah baby.  Let’s create from the heart, and share deepest feelings.  What a lovely combination. )

My new book ‘Finding Your Inner Bliss’ is a great addition to those interested in mindset coaching.  Get your copy here: FINDING YOUR INNER BLISS

I also love to travel for teaching yoga retreats.  I specialize in Y12SR yoga retreats for friends of Bill W. and love teaching mindful eating, Ayurveda, and meditation.  If you’d like to book me for a retreat or speaking engagement, please email me on the form below.

Please feel free to get in touch us.  We love to meet new folks and help serve our fellow humans, animals and earth.



Please read throughout the blog (See the Menu) on health topics and addiction recovery.  Find recipes for healthy living and try some yoga to help specific body parts.

Much Love!

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