Am I getting Vaccinated???

“Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an
unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.”
Meet Augi, and the star of the show…Mystery Baby. We don’t know what sex the baby is yet. We are all very excited for mid April to roll around.
Augi and I believe very differently on many subjects and vaccines being one of them. She’s all for them with her baby, and I know too many people whose children were affected by vaccines (including one of my own kids) that I have very little room in my belief system for the amount of vaccines given to tiny babies.
Recently, Augi requested I get the whooping cough vaccine if I plan on staying with her right after the baby comes home. I was hoping to stay the first week, but this threw me into a strange state of consideration.  In fact almost immediately after the request, I felt a tingle in my throat and got ANOTHER cold.  The second cold this year, and before that, the last time I got sick was 7 years ago.  Call it psychosomatic, or I was already sick and I was just made aware of this tingle by thinking about Whooping Cough.  Whatever, I was so sick I canceled yoga all week long and in the 6 years I’ve been teaching, I have never canceled yoga because I was sick.  Mitch even asked me if I was going to go to the doctor. LOL!
As I was laid up on the couch for a week – minus dog and bird chores, I watched the Biography of The Dalai Lama, and every time I was alert enough to hear The Dalai Lamas advice, it was always ‘Loving Kindness and Compassion’.  I knew I needed to just disconnect my beliefs and do the thing most any new grandma would do and go get the vaccine.
I wrote to several natural doctor friends and colleagues about this predicament.  Yes I had the vaccine as a kid, but I guess it’s a ‘Thing’ now to get a booster.  Which also includes Tetnus.  It’s DTP, the P is Pertussis for Whooping cough.  Since I don’t watch the news I was out of the loop for this.  Especially grandparents being around susceptible babies.   So of course I will get a shot, on some interesting terms.
1. I will not go into the clinic with fear, I will pump myself up with lots a loving feelings.
2. I will make sure I am feeling incredible before I get it.
3. I will get it when the moon is going into the new moon…see your farmers almanac.
4. I will take a vaccine detox tincture 9 days before and 9 days after , along with VS-C.
5. Also plenty of Sauna time.
I was suggested to listen to this very convincing podcast to try to talk me out of it, and or to give to Augi (not even going there) to listen to about the dangers of vaccines.  It is VERY INFORMATIVE!
[The Higherside Chats Plus] Del Bigtree | Vaccine Deception, Big Pharma, & What The Science Really Says #theHighersideChatsPlus
In peace to everyone and their beliefs.
Namaste Friends.
By Suzi Shelhamer

2 comments on “Am I getting Vaccinated???

  1. Hi and wow! I feel for you

    I read in some thing way back that a child did not get sick because she had been vaccinated, and others who hadn’t had died.

    I do not like vaccinations either.

    My mind keeps going to Course in Miracles

    “Nothing has any meaning except that which you give it”

    Boldly go forth my friend, choose x or y, and be happy with it- no vacillating

    And I would walk thru fire to get to my grands

    : )

    Love always finds a way

    And real Love doesn’t hurt.

    HUG Hug HUGGGGG YOU !!!!

    And hi to Mitch


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