Spontaneous Healing

About 19 years ago I blew out my knee while working cows in rural (I mean rural) NE.  The doctor options were very scarce.  So I didn’t go to a doctor almost all summer.  I wore a knee brace that stunk to the high heavens because I would sweat in it everyday doing ranch work and taking care of three young kids.  
One of those kids was little Chelsea who was 1 1/2  at the time, and the best place for her was in her baby backpack.  She went everywhere with me.  So here I was on crutches with a baby in a metal framed backpack hobbling all over my ranch taking care of 3,000 game birds and 80 head of cows while my husband worked in town an hour away.
At night I would feed the cows a big round bale of hay with our open cab Allic Chalmers tractor, with Chelsea on my back.  My son Spencer 13, would ‘watch’ Augi 4, in the house for me a lot when I went to do these chores.  
One night while feeding cows I jumped out of the tractor onto my good foot (with Chelsea on my back) and broke my good foot.  So then I’m completely hobbling like Igor with this hump on my back for MONTHS!  I went to doctors in two different towns (both were from India) and neither could see a break in my foot.  I eventually got my knee fixed and the next year we moved to Wyoming.  
A year and a half later my foot started killing me.  The only way it felt better was to be barefoot and stand on my tippy-toes to spread open the bones in the foot.  I finally went to a doctor in Worland and he said, ‘I think you have a neuroma tumor.  I want to send you to a specialist’.  I went to Cody and met Dr. Jimmy Biles.  While looking at my X-rays He asked – ‘Did you break your foot about a year ago?’  I said – ‘YES!!!! – but no one believed me!!!’ I was so grateful to meet him.  He said he could cut it out but it could possibly grow back and it would most likely cut the nerves to the second and third toe.  Well I was fine with feeling no pain there again anymore.  So I had the surgery and walked out with no crutches.
This all happened at the brink of my heaviest drinking/sobriety. I got my stitches out the day I went to rehab. 
Skip ahead almost 16 years and Jimmy was right. The tumor grew back about a year later and I couldn’t feel it anymore so I didn’t really care. But some days it feels like it swells up extra and then walking is difficult with what feels like a golf ball cut in half on the bottom of your foot. The rest of the skeleton compensates. 
Yoga helps it tremendously by building up the muscles in the feet but nothing else seemed to work. Not even the laser. Until I stood on the TheraPlate about 5 years ago. After standing on one in a barn for horses I knew I had to have one. 
Of course I don’t use it like I should but lately I’ve been doing regular treatments for a friend and Mitchs mom who has fibromyalgia. I sit on the TheraPlate while their getting their treatments while sitting on a chair. It’s big enough for a horse to stand on. 
Also I’ve been using an Earthing mat in the office while I’m studying for ND school. I rest my feet on it and I don’t really ‘feel’ anything while they’re on there. 
The past 3 days my third toe has woken up!  In a painful way, but I’m ok with it and happy to have feeling again. I know the pain will go away soon after nerves settle down. I did laser it last night and that helped a lot.  ALSO, we’ve been listening to Healing and Abundance Affirmations all night. More about that and Mitch’s blessings from that in a bit. 
But I just wanted to share with those of you who ‘get it’. I also found this audio clip VERY interesting and helpful the day this all started. I’ve listened several times. 
I didn’t even think about my toes waking up. I was Hoping for healing in my thumb more, but I’m excited that more things are regenerating!!!
So my friends – it is possible!!!! Allow your vibration to rise and heal you!!! Always speak positive about yourself. 
And wanting to know Mitch’s good fortune? He JUST started listening to these affirmations at night. And let me remind you the boy is nearly deaf. But!!! His subconscious is hearing these messages and BAM!  Only 3 nights of listening for him on Attracting Wealth does he get the covered arena of his dreams ordered. 
Here’s the video we slept to. Open the description and read the affirmations right before you go to sleep. 
In health, prosperity and happiness.
By Suzi Shelhamer