Must share this video

Or at least put it here for safe keeping and reference.

We are made of many layers. Not just this outer shell of our bodies, the material stuff we are made of – we are the emotions, we are the mental health, we are the beliefs, we are a sum total of every decision we’ve made, and every thought we’ve let spin around in our mind. Viritis – as it’s called in yoga.

But mostly we are energy. And we can call that Spirit as well. And it has a level of its own good health and bad health. And yesterday I re-read this one page of my new favorite book (called Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza ) I re read it about ten times and captured the audio version and will create a video for it as well.

But today I’m grateful that my newsletter about alcohol and these posts are helping someone I love to reach out for help.

Here is a short video of alcohol and the spirit for them and for my future reference, and for you.

By Suzi Shelhamer