Alcohol and cancer

I found this video interesting. Not only does the sugar in alcohol feed cancer but I learned the ethanol in alcohol turns into another chemical that causes cancer.

I had to take my last post down about MY alcoholism and MY GRATITUDE FOR MY SOBRIETY AND MY SPIRITUAL HEALTH, because it offended someone.

Fuck that noise. This is my blog. No one looks at it anyway (except the solar charged water – I get hits on that from all over the world everyday).

Who better to call the bullshit flag on excessive drinking than an ex alcoholic. All this drinking that was going on was at a funeral of a loved one who died of cancer. The obituary even included that persons love of beer. Which is plainly ironic from those of us concerned about our health.

I turn this sad situation over to God and send it LOVE in hopes a light has been shined on a destructive and wasteful disease.


Below is my past post on other effects of what alcohol does to the human body. And my gratitude for my sobriety.

This sweet post of support had to come down with my blog I took down.

By Suzi Shelhamer

2 comments on “Alcohol and cancer

  1. Thank you for posting! I read your story and truly appreciated your honesty and courage. Please keep posting. And if it offends someone, they can stop reading it! Sharing is what sobriety is all about.

    Love you,

    Paula Christine

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