Alcohol and Roundup Ready chemical Glyphosate-Safe enough to drink?

In my post Alcohol and Cancer the video shows how alcohol turns into ethanol which the body turns into another chemical that makes cancer in the cells.

It makes sense friends. All the fields and all the grains (excluding organic) are altered from what nature intended. This means they are genetically modified organisms (GMO) having been sprayed with some sort of chemical to grow more mutated in size to produce MORE MORE MORE, which is ultimately wasted (watch the movie Dive about dumpster diving).

Common weed killer glyphosate increases cancer risk by 41%, study says

By Suzi Shelhamer

Another hidden post about alcoholic friends dying from cancer.

My Car vs. My Body

January 6, 2018 Suzi ShelhamerEdit

“My Car vs. My Body”

I’ve recently lost two friends to cancer who were heavy drinkers and took more pride in their vehicles rather than their health. I used to be a motor head but found direction.

This is my car. I put the best premium gas in it and the best oil. I have regular maintenance done to it and I pay close attention to it while I’m driving. Little noises are addressed right away. I love it and hope it lasts me a long time even though it has 80,000 miles on it. I got it used, but the previous owner took good care of it. I plan to pamper it as long as I can so it will serve me well.

This is my Body. It has been used and has a lot of miles on it. I was very self destructive to my body for years. I was bulimic for 6 years. An alcoholic for 19 years and I drank the highest caffeinated diet pop on the market by the gallons per day. I ate food out of boxes and cans for years.

I have been sober for almost 14 years. Jan 14th will be my AA birthday. I have practiced clean eating for 8 years thanks to my good friends Dr Donaugh and Del Rae. I have not been to a medical doctor since 2007.

I put only premium fuel in my body and only organic products on my body. I listen to it carefully and pamper it all the time. I enjoy the slow and concise moving and stretching of yoga because it serves all the old injuries I have attained in my past.

I can’t run because of a tumor on my foot and a chunk of cartilage that floats around in my knee. I wore leg braces as a kid because I had arthritis and my joints kept dislocating on their own. I broke my back when I was young and it’s naturally fused together.

I am not in the greatest of shape but I feel better than I ever have, clean and healthy. When you’ve been the opposite it’s easy to choose what you want. But it’s not easy to get there. The yoga and light training I do keeps me stronger, more flexible and balanced. It also opens my joints so new cartilage can grow between my bones.

The heavy mindset training I’ve been learning and applying keeps my mind on track, when it’s really easy to listen to it talk you into the unhealthy lifestyle. Why would our minds do that to our bodies? The ego is tricky, but I have to be stronger to make these wiser choices….for me. For those I love, and for our future.

I can always buy a new car but I won’t be able to buy a new Body.

By Suzi Shelhamer

This is a post I had hidden on another blog I had from Feb 2018.

Don’t show THAT picture

February 21, 2018 Suzi ShelhamerEdit

“Don’t show THAT picture”

This was a post I put on a private group on FBook (which I am back off of these days).  Anyway, this post got tremendous response because it included a before and after picture of me from the night I was checked into re-hab, and a current set of pictures of me feeling super healthy.  My family strongly discourages me from sharing this picture, but I’m seriously doubting many people dig into this page, unless I share the link with them.

Please read the next post that puts me in the same boat as many of you.  Health limitations, excuses, pain, age, can all be over ruled with discipline and the desire to to feel better.  These pictures speak for themselves in what CHANGING for the BETTER can do for a person, and the longevity of just eating healthy and moving your body, and surrounding yourself with all things good can bring about.

GRATITUDE CIRCLE  (all posts must begin with; ‘I am grateful for’…beautiful page full of super nice people).

Jan 14th, 2018

I am grateful that my hard times have paid off and that I am able to help others learn to love themselves on the levels of body, mind and spirit. My AA birthday was Sunday. 14 years of work. It’s not easy for some to just quit. Others constantly struggle. I took my clean time serious and love to nurture my body with all good. No news, no TV, no toxins. This is our chance on earth to do good. Be good. And serve others in need.

If I followed this road 14 years ago I don’t know where I would’ve ended up. Most likely in jail and in the hospital.

Rehab saved me. But it had to be my choice. And when I got there I was fortunate enough to have two good examples as roommates. One glowing and sober for 30 days, the other such a mess she did not know where she was or where her kids were. My choice was simple. I took the clean road. 6 months later I met God in a sunset.

I have not shared this before and after picture on my personal page but feel safe here in knowing it won’t be shared.

May your day be full of obsessive gratitude.



By Suzi Shelhamer