Eating like crap for a week and held my pee too long. Cleanse time

I have not eaten out since our anniversary on November 29th. I have been accused of being paranoid, and I know what that person was talking about is my phobia of eating out. I think that person was just pointing fingers and trying to make her bad habits seem better, but I KNOW – the only way to eat clean, is to KNOW what you are putting into your body.

Even with the way we eat as organic as possible the only REAL way to eat super clean is to grow all your own food, and eat your own raised meat or wild game/fish for you meat eaters.  For where we live I order a lot of our food, and we always bless it – even in restaurants.  Yup we are those kind of people you see praying in public.

On this last trip we took we ate out every meal, and were surrounded by my biggest weaknesses, bread and cookies.  I allowed myself these pleasures and knew I would be coming home for a cleanse.  I was doing an herbal cleanse right up to the point when we left, but I have all the ammunition for a real cleanse in my own cupboards.

This morning we started the day off with our warm lemon water, mine has Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne in it as well.  I also drank some homemade organic Fire Cider to just set the tone for digestion and cleansing.

We also added a new liver cleanse of celery juice.  A whole stalk of organic celery in the vita-mix made two full juice glasses of thick smoothie substance with a salty kick.  This alone could’ve been my breakfast and I should’ve stopped there, but Mitch was so excited to eat our Usual (Uze) Breakfast that he made our farm fresh eggs, with cold pressed sauerkraut, nuts and seeds, avocado and baby tomatoes.  I had to save mine for lunch.   After lunch I had another shot of Fire Cider.

I added some greens first to my celery juice.

I added a little greens first to my smoothie to thin it out a little.

Since a year ago I was pretty faithful about fasting at dinnertime.  So usually my last meal of the day was lunch, or a snack around three.  On this trip I was eating dinner and once even oily fish and chips.  I instantly felt it was a mistake, but ate it anyway.  I can totally hear my ego say – ‘You’re on vacation, it’s ok’.  But later my tongue feels hairy and slimy, thank goodness I remembered my tongue scraper.

So back to veggies and clean eating.  Celery juice for a few days and if I’m still wanting to go deeper into cleansing I will make kitchari and eat it for several days.

As far as holding my pee, this is a recipe for Urinary Tract Infections for most folks.  Luckily I avoided it this time and getting back home to my Kangen water (I always drink lots of coffee while traveling) and kombucha with cranberry/orange juice is a great way to get more vitamin C and the probiotics our guts need.

I FEELS SO GOOD to be home and seriously with OUR FOOD and our critters.

If you have any questions about a cleanse please reach out. Happy to help.

By Suzi Shelhamer