Snack hack

What’s a hack? To me it’s taking an ordinary action and Improving upon it.  I have my Energy Hack of breathing deeply with my hands on my hips and standing like Wonder Woman. I’ll exhale with affirmations like, ‘I feel amazing’! Or ‘I am energized’. For 10 deep breaths and viola, I AM ENERGIZED!!

Depending on what your lacking, that same posture and breath work can really work for you. Say you’re feeling depressed. Stand like Wonder Woman or Superman and say ‘I am happy’ , or ‘I am full of Joy’!

Here is a video demonstration:

So back to Snack Hacking. A snack hack is really just mindful eating. Instead of grabbing a handful of your favorite snack tossing your head back and throwing a mouthful in, take that same handful of let’s say granola (or as my friend Linda calls it – Gorp) and set it on a pretty plate. Then take one almond or raisin etc at a time and savor it. Try chewing each tasty morsel up to 20 times before swallowing.   I really enjoy chewing on a nut until it becomes nutbutter.

Eating slower like this helps aide digestion up to 30%  you have broken down the food before your stomach has to do all the work  this also helps you to become fuller on less food  it gives your body enough time to process and send the signal to your brain that you are full, rather than shoving handfuls of food down mindlessly and later looking down you’ve eaten the whole bag in one setting.

Here is another snack hack.  I’ve got one peanutbutter protein ball here and one piece of Raw Energy  both are about a 1/2 square.  Easy enough to pop several in your mouth in a short amount of time.

Instead I’ve chopped them up into little pieces and have them on a cute plate (presentation is everything ya know) and will be more AWARE of what I’m putting into my mouth and savor each piece more.

More on Mindful Eating later.



By Suzi Shelhamer