Why I left social media after $700.


Forth and back I go. The love hate relationship with social media.

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Be shocked by friends and family
  • See great recipes and health tips
  • See recipes full of processed foods and sugars
  • See inspirational quotes
  • See fear and hate images
  • Get rid of unwanted things quickly
  • Find great scores of desired items for cheap.
  • Promote our many businesses
  • Attract strangers with mean intentions  (‘Trolls’-my friend Kate calls them)


Where does the $700 come in? Well I found an awesome young man on Instagram who helped build my online business via Instagram and Facebook . He turned my IG account into a business account. Hooked me up with a program that gets me friends/followers. I started out with 180+ Followers and after 3 months I had 1400 strangers following me.

Obviously with a name like ‘healthy.suzi’ my content is all healthy minded posts. My name for my coaching business is Authentic Bliss Academy. So I created a page on FB for it and my genius business coach suggested a Group page and then some challenges to create interaction. The group page was my favorite and I actually miss the group.

The techniques my coach taught me worked, I have some great clients, and if I ever want to get going online again, I know how.  I’d much rather attract my clients at a local level, and more naturally.  Authentic…ya know?


My online health coaching business has grown thanks to the tips my business coach taught me, but I was already limiting my social media time when I started with him as I believe it encourages the ego and I know from personal experience, it causes relationships to end (due to ego issues).


I must have ‘made it Big’ as Kate says, because I earned a troll heckling me on Instagram. I confronted him and wished him peace.  He wished peace back to me, but we had a scary feeling about this person.  Time to let social media go.

So to get to the point…I saw a couple of very profound videos that I want to share with those who feel they may be addicted to social media and their cell phones.  These  two clips also really helped nail the head into the social media/phone addiction coffin.

And before I share those links, I do want to report how I’ve felt since I’ve given up social media.  Imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart screaming FREEDOM!


  • I am working out more – anytime I look at my phone with no social media apps, and think of the time I would’ve wasted sitting there looking at my phone, I could’ve worked out…just a 15 minute walk on the treadmill to get the heart rate up for a bit.
  • I’m making more homemade goods like granola, kombucha, cacao bark etc…
  • I’m finishing up little old projects, and starting new ones…tapping into my creativity.
  • I notice the urge to get on and check something out – even my old content, and notice a real feeling of growth, when I let it go.  Breaking addiction is very empowering.
  • I love sitting and visiting with Mitch, and we are back to reading to each other again.

SO here are the videos that helped me see my addiction, and shined a light onto what the creators of Facebook intended, and then feeling guilty for how far out of control their Frankenstien had become.  The first clip is a little over 1 minute long, the second video is 15 minutes, not a real positive thing, unless you’re looking for something to help you to become more authentic, and to break your addiction to social media.  Could you turn it off for a week?

VIDEO: Get off your cellular device


VIDEO: What Facebook Creators don’t want you to know


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I wish you peace.

By Suzi Shelhamer

2 comments on “Why I left social media after $700.

  1. You never explained the $700 did you? It is so easy to get “trapped” in these things and most of them seem like such a good idea at one point of another.

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