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By Suzi Shelhamer

The Uze


Almond cream. This is our Uze for dinner. Basically dessert for dinner. Lots of protein and fiber.

Our version of yogurt or ice cream replacement if you freeze it. Just soak the nuts in Kangen water for a couple hours+


We added chia and flax seed, more fiber and protein plus natural omegas and some Vega protein powder.

To turn it into yogurt just add open up a probiotic capsule or two.

I topped mine with even more almonds and cacao nibs and cinnamon. Mitch used blueberries and homemade granola. He added PB2 to his as well.

This satiates is just fine for a light meal at night. Trying to eat by 5:30-6pm and nothing else before bed.   This fasting time which is usually broken (breakfast) around 7:30 am the next day.

It amazes us to look back on our old habits when we would eat a big meal then have a bowl of ice cream afterwards somewhat late at night.  This is all learned behavior.  And I’m here to help you learn along if you would like.

Healthy belly healthy body.

By Suzi Shelhamer


I love when people say ‘perfect’. And not so much when people say, ‘perfectly imperfect’, or ‘We’re just human, nobody’s perfect’. I believe everything is perfect and Divine. We may THINK something isn’t perfect, thats our perception. But if we accept life on life’s terms instead of trying to twist image into what WE think we need or want, the surrender and release are so freeing.

I hang out in a group where we are taught to live life on life’s terms. To find the beauty in the natural world. Not a world numbed by meds, alcohol or drugs. One of the other cliches in the group is ‘progress not perfection’. Here I would say progress is perfection.

We are trained by lies what perfection is supposed to be. BECAUSE we THINK perfection is something beyond our reach or totally unattainable. Being at ease with now and knowing it’s perfectly perfect…also brings relief, it’s heavy ego training.

This too helps to accept things from our past. We realize that it was all meant to be. Even the things we perceive as bad things that happened to us, we can accept it as a plan greater than our knowing is capable of grasping. So relax into the learning of it all. Be grateful for where you are now and move onward and upward with a feeling of safety. Everything is Perfect.

I love donMiguel Ruiz’s book the 4 Agreements, The Mastery of Love and The Voice of Knowledge to help me I retrain my old thinking.

You are perfect. Namaste.

By Suzi Shelhamer