So a big question brought to me about health is what about food and recipes? Eating healthy tastes as good if not better than eating highly processed food. Today my lunch was pretty darned processed I must say. And what does highly processed mean exactly? Processed is anything in a box or a can or wrapper from the store. These are the foods we want less of in our diets.

This was lunch. Two pieces of organic herb turkey breast (I crave turkey this time of year) and two pieces of cheese. I also counted out 26 little crackers to show a serving size. I don’t think I would normally put that many on my plate. If I was holding the box and watching TV I would easily eat the whole box. These are organic crackers but they do contain gluten. Number one ingredient is organic wheat flour.

So let’s break this down more. How did I feel about this meal before, during and after?

Before while making it I was thinking, this is a nice light meal. But really lacking some veggies and color. (Negative thought going into my meal).

During the meal I’m getting cheesed out. Too many milk products clog up my throat and I am not enjoying it. Realizing I’m intaking dairy and wheat and thinking this ‘light meal’ isn’t feeling so light. But I keep on eating because it’s on my plate. I could have stopped there and ate an apple.

Afterwards I don’t feel overly full, in fact I’m craving a little something more sweet. Or am I? Has it just become a habit to have a little something sweet after lunch? I believe this is the case and should be satisfied at this point with a ‘light meal’ especially this time of year when I’m not as active.

So I have sent some negative thoughts to my food. I have essentially fed myself negativity. Yet the food was labeled fairly healthy. High protein, healthy fats in the cheese, a couple of organic labels. How could I change this whole situation?

I could friggin lighten up! Say, ‘Hey- this is a satiating meal that fueled my body in a tasty and healthy way.’ My mind could tell my body a corndog and funnel cake were good for me, and if I let go of my beliefs, my old destructive inner talk, maybe a corn dog and funnel cake would be good for me.

I’m not giving myself permission to go eat those crazy meals everyday though, because analyzing how I feel that night and next day my body tells the truth. But if I do eat something out of my normal healthy eating routine I try not to send negativity to it, I definitely don’t make it a habit, and I just allow myself a simple pleasure like that very rarely (at the fair). Honestly though I wonder why I did it the next day.

So my advice is, pay attention to your thoughts of your food during preparation, while you’re eating it, and observe the feelings afterward.

Most of all, love your body.

PS. I ate some dried papaya to curb the sweet tooth but told myself it was to aide in digestion. Watch the thoughts.



By Suzi Shelhamer

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