Have FUN be Brave

 I had a blast with my girls last week at the Trampoline Park in Billings.  I haven’t been on a trampoline for 5 years.  Here’s a video of me in 2011 with my girls.  Baby Chelsea’s voice is so cute in the background. 2011 Trampoline.


Here’s a video from last week 2017 Trampoline Park. Chelsea’s voice says ‘Really Pretty’ at the end of this one.


Anyway, my encouragement to you is, go have fun!  Push your limits.  Try something that scares you or excites you!  Be safe, but enjoy this short time we have.  When someone says…want to go to the yoga retreat, the roping clinic, the trampoline park…say, ‘Hell Yes!’
By Suzi Shelhamer

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