Winter Blues

We in the north of North America really are shafted when it comes to sunlight in the winter.  I am so grateful I don’t live any further north.  The sun sets about 4:15 p.m. on the Solstice, and doesn’t rise until 8.  That’s good and all for those who like to hibernate, but I think we all still lack all the nutrients from the sunny days.

Gratefully, this has been an El Nino winter and it has been very mild here.  ‘Thank you Mother Nature’. Another thing I am grateful for is the Sun Gazing.  This has helped immensely with my mood, and energy levels, and appetite (lack of).   Here is my article on Sun Gazing.

So since I know my mom and Mother in law are not going to bundle up in the winter temps of (9 degrees this morning) Wyoming and Montana, go hug a tree and watch the sun come up…I’ve tried to find the next best thing.  I looked up Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Lights, and found this baby.


Philips GoLIGHT BLU Energy Light – Health & Personal Care

Healthy Gadget Girl had to get one too.  The reviews were what sold me on it.  It helps with Insomnia by re-setting your internal clock.  Mitch’s mom has had a ton of energy, and sounds very chipper.  She opened hers up early, so she’s ahead of the game.

We turn it on us while we are on the computer.  You don’t look into it.  It just shines on you like a blue sunny day.  There are 3 settings, and the 1st setting is pretty intense as it is.  It does feel like I’ve watched the sun and changes the light in the room.

I will use it on days the sun isn’t shining and when we sit in the computer room.  By Mitch’s mom results already I would recommend this product.  Plus we all know I love Light Therapy!  I am such a believer that our cells LOVE light.  On the Lasers, the blue light kills bacteria.  So, maybe this blue light helps in that sense as well.

Everyone got health related gifts from us this Christmas, even though I wasn’t going to participate.  I hope the gifts get used.  Here some of the gifts our family received from us this year.  Many available in our boutique.




Copper Gloves that are WORKING for my father in law.  I told him to wear them at night:


Himalayan Salt Inhalers for the kids who smoke e-Cigarettes.  We use ours every night.  Available at the boutique


Tongue Cleaners for EVERYONE!!  All food, and bacteria enter the gut from the mouth.  This scrapes it off.  Brushing your tongue only smears bacteria around.  This also stimulates healthy digestion.  Healthy Gut Healthy Body









By Suzi Shelhamer

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