Probiotic and Enzyme TEST

Tonight at the ‘Diet Class’ we did a little experiment with oats and two pill forms of probiotics from Natures Sunshine.  There were 3 cups.  Each with old fashioned rolled oats and water.  Then we opened one capsule of each probiotic into two of the other bowls.  I would get up occasionally and stir the oats and it was amazing to see the breakdown, the Proactazyme kicked butt!  It basically chewed the oats up like a blender.  It was so impressive I can’t even remember the name of the other Probiotic we tried.

We also ATE, as in chewed up, one of Nature’s Sunshine FISH OIL PILLS! Super Omega 3  I was so afraid to stick this giant gel cap in my mouth, let alone chew it.  I waited for others to go before me, even though she handed me the pill first.  Mitch popped it in his mouth and it CRUNCHED when he chewed it.  He said, ‘It’s not bad, tastes like lemon’.  The girl next to him said the same thing.  So I tried it, and it was lemony, and oily.  And weird.

On the way home we talked of these experiments, and taste tests, and Mitch asked if we should buy these products.  Now I LOVE Nature’s Sunshine, and believe they are the purest supplement, oil, cleaner, etc… multi-level company out there.  Plus they actually send you CASHOLA when you buy product and people buy under you.

Anyway, I told Mitch I think we eat the way these pills are meant to work.  We drink kombucha daily, we eat Sauerkraut dang near daily, and we eat lots of almonds and nuts, and seeds.  These are in the form our body is meant to break them down.

So I decided to do a little experiment when we got home.  I got three little bowls and filled them with a little bit of rolled organic oats.  I poured some Goats Milk Keifer in the first bowl, Sauerkraut + it’s juice in the second, and Kombucha in the third.


The Kiefer made it sticky and ball up, but I did noticed the oats breaking down.  The kraut didn’t break it down much, but for some reason it felt very light.  The kombucha being the wettest did some work, and was breaking it down.  I was boiling water for the sleepy time tea, and Mitch suggested I added some before it boiled to assimilate the warm fluids in the belly.  That evened the experiment up to one we did in the Diet Class.

We plan to leave this test out all night and see what we wake up to.  So far, the Kombucha seems to be the winner.  Stay tuned until tomorrow.

test 2

Kombucha Wins, Keifer second and Kraut last.  All three did break it down, but pleasantly surprised by Kombucha’s work.


By Suzi Shelhamer

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