Sun Gazing When There’s No Sun

OK, so I am super passionate about 5 new simple things I’ve introduced to my daily routine (Dinacharya).  I’ve started this amazing Ayurveda Online Class offered through Yoga Wisdom and Wellness, Sarah Hutchinson officiating.  I am learning so much!  Right about the same time I also started Sun Gazing.  Here is a link to the video I first watched on it, suggested by one of my yoga students.

What do you do when there’s no sun??

We have a happy lamp that we set on the table at breakfast time that resembles a bright blue sun shiny sky. This is the blue light you’re not supposed to look at before bedtime (cell phones, computers and TVs) because it wakes up your brain.

This is also used for people who get depressed in the winter. Tell me the sun doesn’t affect people’s moods. There’s a link for this powerful light on my ‘Shop’ page. The smiley face was drawn by my daughter. Though I think they should come with it.

Another Sun Hack

The Grounding Room gives me such a pure earthly boost but I also added red infrared and blue LED lights hanging from the ceiling, it’s almost a day at the beach anytime of year.

So I will back up a bit here and let you know about this very smart scale I have.

<a href="http://”>Fit Scan Scale

41-7UpPNKrL__AC_SR98,95_It’s called the: Tanita BC585F FitScan Full Body Composition Scale Metal

It checks my water percentage, my BMI, my Physique Rating, Bone Denity, Muscle Mass, VISCERAL FAT and Metbolic Age!  It’s the nuts!  I’ve had it for about a year, and all my numbers hang right around the same spots all the time.  Not much changes…until recently – since I’ve started these new practices of Dinachrya and Sun Gazing.  This isn’t heavy dieting or working out.  In fact my exercise has DECREASED since it’s early winter and the sun is down at 5 pm, and I’m not dragging hoses all over the yard and getting all those extra steps on the ol fit bit.  Yeah, I’m a health nut gadget girl.  I always want stats, and feedback to prove I’m on the right path.  And gadgets that help others feel better.

So – stepping away from the gadgets and getting back to some basics is what I’m all about now.  Give me the OLD tried and true.  But let me see how it’s panning out…secretly.

So here’s my new routines.

  • Tongue Scraping
  • Drinking Warm Lemon Water (While Reading The Tao…now that’s OLD)
  • Building Agni with movement even on non yoga days
    • Just 5 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes Savasana 
  • Sun Gazing
  • Walking Barefoot – grounding – earthing
  • Drinking Solar Charged Water

That’s 6 things, not teachers can never keep count.  The Agni Building is very new this week.


  • I’m not hungry (sun gazing & Agni awareness)
    • Recent event NO SUN!!!  Guess who is hungry all the time again
  • WAY more energy!  I only need one cup of coffee, and only because it tastes good to me.  I really think I could wean off pretty easy at this point.
  • My new numbers on the fancy scale are shockingly good.
    • Weight DOWN
    • Muscle UP
    • Visceral Fat has stayed the same for a year – DOWN
    • Same with the Physique Rating but WAY UP
    • Metabolic age keeps going down.  Last night this 47 year old was metabolically 17!

I’m most excited about the Visceral Fat.  All this and LESS EXCERCISE!

The most visual thing I see a difference in is the tongue scraping, and it’s SICK what comes off your tongue!  And if it’s SICK to look at, imagine what sickness it creates in your body.  This is covered over and over in all the Ayurveda studying I’m doing, and it’s convincing enough just looking at it.  And the scrapers are cheap!  And it will last forever!  I got mine at Banyan Botanicals.


Well Guys, it all works SIMPLE, CHEAP, EASY, and very soothing and HEALING!  Please check into the links on you tube.  If your a visual like me, you will appreciate it.



By Suzi Shelhamer

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