Yoga Nidra – The Bomb for Relaxation ANNNND Manifestation for a healthy body


I LOVE Yoga Nidra.  It is the yogic meditation form for better sleep!  We listen to an hour long cd to help us go to sleep (and manifest good health) and we get into the CD about 4 minutes and we are both zonked out.  There are tons of Yoga Nidra Apps and YouTube videos and audios.  All my students now use this when they cant sleep, and I just love and appreciate to hear their stories of how this has helped them so much into going back to sleep quickly, just by walking themselves through their body, and relaxing each part of it until they fall asleep.

Yoga Nidra is a great practice to do when you need a POWER nap. It’s also great to do if you are traveling and you want to be refreshed and relaxed when you get to your destination, rather than being wiped out from the traveling.

The astonishing new thing I learned about Yoga Nidra is how setting your Heart Felt Desire at the beginning of class is actually a way of manifesting whatever you want.   Especially health for the Self.  I know it helped me to be with my husband.  When we were dating HE was my Heart Felt Desire, and look at us now…coming up on our 1 year anniversary of marriage.  3 years of being together!

How Yoga Nidra works this way for the Self is by setting that HFD with intention before you begin to relax INTO YOURSELF.  You concentrate on each body part relaxing.  The lips, the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the floor of the mouth, the mouth as a whole – completely relaxed. And on and on for 61 points of the body (or more).  You check into that Heart Felt Desire periodically through your relaxing, and generally you will slip into a state of sleep that is somewhat hypnotic.  This is where the subconscious takes over and gets to work on your HFD with your ego completely out of the way.

The first time I experienced YN I was on a freezing cold floor, a winter breeze just outside the door I was laying by had me shivering and completely tensed up.  Somehow very quickly the cold no longer affected me, even though it didn’t let up, and I slipped into what felt like a different dimension.  When I woke up 35 minutes later I felt such overwhelming peace, and wonderment.

Another time I did YN I fell into some sort of regression.  I had a vision of an operating room for a long time ago.  The spot lights were old fashioned and the nurses and doctors were all wearing white, not colorful scrubs of today’s operating rooms, and the kicker was the nurses had on nurses caps on their heads.  I somehow zoomed in to see over the patient and saw them right at that moment lift a baby up.  It was a cesarean-section operation.  I looked at the baby and felt myself smile.  It was a healthy girl with dark smeary hair, and nice reddish skin, and she was trying to cry.  The mother was covered by a screen so I again zoomed over to see who it was.  It was my mother!  Much younger than now, and it all clicked – BAM, that baby is ME!!

When I woke up from that experience I was so excited.  I explained to the entire class because I was so excited and hadn’t planned on anything like that happening.  The next week –  hardly anyone came to YN.  I feel responsible for scaring them off, but such a loss to them.  Every time I do it, I fall fast asleep and seem to go to a different dimension that is comfy feeling and hard to describe, then somehow at the end I wake right up when the teacher guides us out.  This does not happen at bedtime though when we are listening to the CD – we are out, and we sleep great all night long.

So, IF you are want health the easy way (while you sleep), if you want your greatest Heart Felt Desire to come true, if you want great relaxing sleep, and aren’t afraid of what you might dream about while you sleep, I strongly suggest Yoga Nidra every night!

I teach Yoga Nidra on Wednesdays nights at our studio Come give it a try.


By Suzi Shelhamer

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