Living with Regrets

What do you regret the most doing in your life? What do you regret the most not doing in your life? Should you have taken that job somewhere in a distant town that seemed scary? Did you miss out on true love and settle for something ‘safe’? Did money hold you back from buying something that really could have helped your health? But somehow you end up affording that surgery or two down the road. (I see this all the time with people who need the laser and they buy a new four wheeler instead).
Here’s a big regret of mine. I wish I spent more time with my grandparents when they were alive. Especially when my grandma lived with us!!
Here’s something I know my ex’s regret – I wish I would have treated her better, especially when she asked straight out for it. (I swear it was a pattern I lived out in each relationship).
Here’s an easy one how about regretting eating that big greasy meal last night AND having dessert afterwards? We all know better. And we feel more proud of ourselves when we eat smaller, cleaner, healthier meals earlier in the evening followed by a walk. Oh that regret when we stand on that dreaded scale the next morning.
I laugh inside when I hear people tell me ‘hey, I only live once. I want my food to taste good.’ Healthy food tastes wonderful. And another goody that even I used to say as I downed another beer – ‘it’s a preservative – and my body, I do what I want’. Oh but years later you pay such a price with your health – if you even make it.

So another question- is it too late to turn your habits around? Can we forgive ourself of our regrets and learn from them? The answer is yes! And you will feel as if you saved your own life when you look back at your self destructive past and realize ‘oh I feel so much better. I have so much more energy. I never go to the doctor any more and haven’t taken prescription medication in months!’ These are real quotes I have said and the people who have tried the changes in lifestyle I have suggested for them.

In this blog I hope to help you realize health is attainable. Regrets of things you’ve done in the past are now lessons, and regrets of the things you haven’t done are now goals you will soon be checking off your list.

Until next time.


By Suzi Shelhamer

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