Welcome to Suzi’s Health Blog

I’ve decided to spend my time doing my creative writing and sharing to the world through my blog, rather than Facebook. I love the great quotes I read on Facebook, the funny animal movies, and mostly I love to see pictures of my kids on Facebook. That’s the reason I joined in the first place. My son went to college and his girl friend would have all these great pictures of him doing things I had no idea he was doing, like CAMPING!!! He’s a good boy.


In the midst of another election I choose to take a fast from Facebook and work on my writing skills. I am a person of positive thoughts, happy pictures, and health tips. I used to be very politically active and gave up on them 4 years ago. I’m not ANTI anything, I choose pro-peace, pro-love, pro-health, pro-growth, and a loving, never fearful God.

In this blog I will hit on many different subjects. Share pictures of my art and photography. I will show my recipes of delicious nutritious meals, and health remedies.

Thank you for checking in, and please push the FOLLOW button to get updates.

By Suzi Shelhamer

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