Am I getting Vaccinated???

“Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an
unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.”
Meet Augi, and the star of the show…Mystery Baby. We don’t know what sex the baby is yet. We are all very excited for mid April to roll around.
Augi and I believe very differently on many subjects and vaccines being one of them. She’s all for them with her baby, and I know too many people whose children were affected by vaccines (including one of my own kids) that I have very little room in my belief system for the amount of vaccines given to tiny babies.
Recently, Augi requested I get the whooping cough vaccine if I plan on staying with her right after the baby comes home. I was hoping to stay the first week, but this threw me into a strange state of consideration.  In fact almost immediately after the request, I felt a tingle in my throat and got ANOTHER cold.  The second cold this year, and before that, the last time I got sick was 7 years ago.  Call it psychosomatic, or I was already sick and I was just made aware of this tingle by thinking about Whooping Cough.  Whatever, I was so sick I canceled yoga all week long and in the 6 years I’ve been teaching, I have never canceled yoga because I was sick.  Mitch even asked me if I was going to go to the doctor. LOL!
As I was laid up on the couch for a week – minus dog and bird chores, I watched the Biography of The Dalai Lama, and every time I was alert enough to hear The Dalai Lamas advice, it was always ‘Loving Kindness and Compassion’.  I knew I needed to just disconnect my beliefs and do the thing most any new grandma would do and go get the vaccine.
I wrote to several natural doctor friends and colleagues about this predicament.  Yes I had the vaccine as a kid, but I guess it’s a ‘Thing’ now to get a booster.  Which also includes Tetnus.  It’s DTP, the P is Pertussis for Whooping cough.  Since I don’t watch the news I was out of the loop for this.  Especially grandparents being around susceptible babies.   So of course I will get a shot, on some interesting terms.
1. I will not go into the clinic with fear, I will pump myself up with lots a loving feelings.
2. I will make sure I am feeling incredible before I get it.
3. I will get it when the moon is going into the new moon…see your farmers almanac.
4. I will take a vaccine detox tincture 9 days before and 9 days after , along with VS-C.
5. Also plenty of Sauna time.
I was suggested to listen to this very convincing podcast to try to talk me out of it, and or to give to Augi (not even going there) to listen to about the dangers of vaccines.  It is VERY INFORMATIVE!
[The Higherside Chats Plus] Del Bigtree | Vaccine Deception, Big Pharma, & What The Science Really Says #theHighersideChatsPlus
In peace to everyone and their beliefs.
Namaste Friends.
By Suzi Shelhamer

Spontaneous Healing

About 19 years ago I blew out my knee while working cows in rural (I mean rural) NE.  The doctor options were very scarce.  So I didn’t go to a doctor almost all summer.  I wore a knee brace that stunk to the high heavens because I would sweat in it everyday doing ranch work and taking care of three young kids.  
One of those kids was little Chelsea who was 1 1/2  at the time, and the best place for her was in her baby backpack.  She went everywhere with me.  So here I was on crutches with a baby in a metal framed backpack hobbling all over my ranch taking care of 3,000 game birds and 80 head of cows while my husband worked in town an hour away.
At night I would feed the cows a big round bale of hay with our open cab Allic Chalmers tractor, with Chelsea on my back.  My son Spencer 13, would ‘watch’ Augi 4, in the house for me a lot when I went to do these chores.  
One night while feeding cows I jumped out of the tractor onto my good foot (with Chelsea on my back) and broke my good foot.  So then I’m completely hobbling like Igor with this hump on my back for MONTHS!  I went to doctors in two different towns (both were from India) and neither could see a break in my foot.  I eventually got my knee fixed and the next year we moved to Wyoming.  
A year and a half later my foot started killing me.  The only way it felt better was to be barefoot and stand on my tippy-toes to spread open the bones in the foot.  I finally went to a doctor in Worland and he said, ‘I think you have a neuroma tumor.  I want to send you to a specialist’.  I went to Cody and met Dr. Jimmy Biles.  While looking at my X-rays He asked – ‘Did you break your foot about a year ago?’  I said – ‘YES!!!! – but no one believed me!!!’ I was so grateful to meet him.  He said he could cut it out but it could possibly grow back and it would most likely cut the nerves to the second and third toe.  Well I was fine with feeling no pain there again anymore.  So I had the surgery and walked out with no crutches.
This all happened at the brink of my heaviest drinking/sobriety. I got my stitches out the day I went to rehab. 
Skip ahead almost 16 years and Jimmy was right. The tumor grew back about a year later and I couldn’t feel it anymore so I didn’t really care. But some days it feels like it swells up extra and then walking is difficult with what feels like a golf ball cut in half on the bottom of your foot. The rest of the skeleton compensates. 
Yoga helps it tremendously by building up the muscles in the feet but nothing else seemed to work. Not even the laser. Until I stood on the TheraPlate about 5 years ago. After standing on one in a barn for horses I knew I had to have one. 
Of course I don’t use it like I should but lately I’ve been doing regular treatments for a friend and Mitchs mom who has fibromyalgia. I sit on the TheraPlate while their getting their treatments while sitting on a chair. It’s big enough for a horse to stand on. 
Also I’ve been using an Earthing mat in the office while I’m studying for ND school. I rest my feet on it and I don’t really ‘feel’ anything while they’re on there. 
The past 3 days my third toe has woken up!  In a painful way, but I’m ok with it and happy to have feeling again. I know the pain will go away soon after nerves settle down. I did laser it last night and that helped a lot.  ALSO, we’ve been listening to Healing and Abundance Affirmations all night. More about that and Mitch’s blessings from that in a bit. 
But I just wanted to share with those of you who ‘get it’. I also found this audio clip VERY interesting and helpful the day this all started. I’ve listened several times. 
I didn’t even think about my toes waking up. I was Hoping for healing in my thumb more, but I’m excited that more things are regenerating!!!
So my friends – it is possible!!!! Allow your vibration to rise and heal you!!! Always speak positive about yourself. 
And wanting to know Mitch’s good fortune? He JUST started listening to these affirmations at night. And let me remind you the boy is nearly deaf. But!!! His subconscious is hearing these messages and BAM!  Only 3 nights of listening for him on Attracting Wealth does he get the covered arena of his dreams ordered. 
Here’s the video we slept to. Open the description and read the affirmations right before you go to sleep. 
In health, prosperity and happiness.
By Suzi Shelhamer

Grateful for my choices

In my Addiction Recovery meeting we speak about CHOICES a lot. The choices of our past. Big and small. They add up to who you are. Like choosing the color on your palette for your painting of life.

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This is my wonderful husband Mitch.

In 2011 Mitch was told he’d need a hip replacement and both knees. Thanks to yoga and a healthy lifestyle none of it was necessary. Seen here with his BB gun.


I’m grateful he has chosen to live this healthy lifestyle with me. He has made it into his favorite magazine showing how yoga has helped his business improve which is one of the most physical jobs there is. He is a farrier, horse-shoer.

He can out work guys half his age. He will be 60 in 3 months. He does what he loves, and he makes me so proud.

By Suzi Shelhamer

Must share this video

Or at least put it here for safe keeping and reference.

We are made of many layers. Not just this outer shell of our bodies, the material stuff we are made of – we are the emotions, we are the mental health, we are the beliefs, we are a sum total of every decision we’ve made, and every thought we’ve let spin around in our mind. Viritis – as it’s called in yoga.

But mostly we are energy. And we can call that Spirit as well. And it has a level of its own good health and bad health. And yesterday I re-read this one page of my new favorite book (called Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza ) I re read it about ten times and captured the audio version and will create a video for it as well.

But today I’m grateful that my newsletter about alcohol and these posts are helping someone I love to reach out for help.

Here is a short video of alcohol and the spirit for them and for my future reference, and for you.

By Suzi Shelhamer

Alcohol and Roundup Ready chemical Glyphosate-Safe enough to drink?

In my post Alcohol and Cancer the video shows how alcohol turns into ethanol which the body turns into another chemical that makes cancer in the cells.

It makes sense friends. All the fields and all the grains (excluding organic) are altered from what nature intended. This means they are genetically modified organisms (GMO) having been sprayed with some sort of chemical to grow more mutated in size to produce MORE MORE MORE, which is ultimately wasted (watch the movie Dive about dumpster diving).

Common weed killer glyphosate increases cancer risk by 41%, study says

By Suzi Shelhamer

Another hidden post about alcoholic friends dying from cancer.

My Car vs. My Body

January 6, 2018 Suzi ShelhamerEdit

“My Car vs. My Body”

I’ve recently lost two friends to cancer who were heavy drinkers and took more pride in their vehicles rather than their health. I used to be a motor head but found direction.

This is my car. I put the best premium gas in it and the best oil. I have regular maintenance done to it and I pay close attention to it while I’m driving. Little noises are addressed right away. I love it and hope it lasts me a long time even though it has 80,000 miles on it. I got it used, but the previous owner took good care of it. I plan to pamper it as long as I can so it will serve me well.

This is my Body. It has been used and has a lot of miles on it. I was very self destructive to my body for years. I was bulimic for 6 years. An alcoholic for 19 years and I drank the highest caffeinated diet pop on the market by the gallons per day. I ate food out of boxes and cans for years.

I have been sober for almost 14 years. Jan 14th will be my AA birthday. I have practiced clean eating for 8 years thanks to my good friends Dr Donaugh and Del Rae. I have not been to a medical doctor since 2007.

I put only premium fuel in my body and only organic products on my body. I listen to it carefully and pamper it all the time. I enjoy the slow and concise moving and stretching of yoga because it serves all the old injuries I have attained in my past.

I can’t run because of a tumor on my foot and a chunk of cartilage that floats around in my knee. I wore leg braces as a kid because I had arthritis and my joints kept dislocating on their own. I broke my back when I was young and it’s naturally fused together.

I am not in the greatest of shape but I feel better than I ever have, clean and healthy. When you’ve been the opposite it’s easy to choose what you want. But it’s not easy to get there. The yoga and light training I do keeps me stronger, more flexible and balanced. It also opens my joints so new cartilage can grow between my bones.

The heavy mindset training I’ve been learning and applying keeps my mind on track, when it’s really easy to listen to it talk you into the unhealthy lifestyle. Why would our minds do that to our bodies? The ego is tricky, but I have to be stronger to make these wiser choices….for me. For those I love, and for our future.

I can always buy a new car but I won’t be able to buy a new Body.

By Suzi Shelhamer

This is a post I had hidden on another blog I had from Feb 2018.

Don’t show THAT picture

February 21, 2018 Suzi ShelhamerEdit

“Don’t show THAT picture”

This was a post I put on a private group on FBook (which I am back off of these days).  Anyway, this post got tremendous response because it included a before and after picture of me from the night I was checked into re-hab, and a current set of pictures of me feeling super healthy.  My family strongly discourages me from sharing this picture, but I’m seriously doubting many people dig into this page, unless I share the link with them.

Please read the next post that puts me in the same boat as many of you.  Health limitations, excuses, pain, age, can all be over ruled with discipline and the desire to to feel better.  These pictures speak for themselves in what CHANGING for the BETTER can do for a person, and the longevity of just eating healthy and moving your body, and surrounding yourself with all things good can bring about.

GRATITUDE CIRCLE  (all posts must begin with; ‘I am grateful for’…beautiful page full of super nice people).

Jan 14th, 2018

I am grateful that my hard times have paid off and that I am able to help others learn to love themselves on the levels of body, mind and spirit. My AA birthday was Sunday. 14 years of work. It’s not easy for some to just quit. Others constantly struggle. I took my clean time serious and love to nurture my body with all good. No news, no TV, no toxins. This is our chance on earth to do good. Be good. And serve others in need.

If I followed this road 14 years ago I don’t know where I would’ve ended up. Most likely in jail and in the hospital.

Rehab saved me. But it had to be my choice. And when I got there I was fortunate enough to have two good examples as roommates. One glowing and sober for 30 days, the other such a mess she did not know where she was or where her kids were. My choice was simple. I took the clean road. 6 months later I met God in a sunset.

I have not shared this before and after picture on my personal page but feel safe here in knowing it won’t be shared.

May your day be full of obsessive gratitude.



By Suzi Shelhamer

Eating like crap for a week and held my pee too long. Cleanse time

I have not eaten out since our anniversary on November 29th. I have been accused of being paranoid, and I know what that person was talking about is my phobia of eating out. I think that person was just pointing fingers and trying to make her bad habits seem better, but I KNOW – the only way to eat clean, is to KNOW what you are putting into your body.

Even with the way we eat as organic as possible the only REAL way to eat super clean is to grow all your own food, and eat your own raised meat or wild game/fish for you meat eaters.  For where we live I order a lot of our food, and we always bless it – even in restaurants.  Yup we are those kind of people you see praying in public.

On this last trip we took we ate out every meal, and were surrounded by my biggest weaknesses, bread and cookies.  I allowed myself these pleasures and knew I would be coming home for a cleanse.  I was doing an herbal cleanse right up to the point when we left, but I have all the ammunition for a real cleanse in my own cupboards.

This morning we started the day off with our warm lemon water, mine has Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne in it as well.  I also drank some homemade organic Fire Cider to just set the tone for digestion and cleansing.

We also added a new liver cleanse of celery juice.  A whole stalk of organic celery in the vita-mix made two full juice glasses of thick smoothie substance with a salty kick.  This alone could’ve been my breakfast and I should’ve stopped there, but Mitch was so excited to eat our Usual (Uze) Breakfast that he made our farm fresh eggs, with cold pressed sauerkraut, nuts and seeds, avocado and baby tomatoes.  I had to save mine for lunch.   After lunch I had another shot of Fire Cider.

I added some greens first to my celery juice.

I added a little greens first to my smoothie to thin it out a little.

Since a year ago I was pretty faithful about fasting at dinnertime.  So usually my last meal of the day was lunch, or a snack around three.  On this trip I was eating dinner and once even oily fish and chips.  I instantly felt it was a mistake, but ate it anyway.  I can totally hear my ego say – ‘You’re on vacation, it’s ok’.  But later my tongue feels hairy and slimy, thank goodness I remembered my tongue scraper.

So back to veggies and clean eating.  Celery juice for a few days and if I’m still wanting to go deeper into cleansing I will make kitchari and eat it for several days.

As far as holding my pee, this is a recipe for Urinary Tract Infections for most folks.  Luckily I avoided it this time and getting back home to my Kangen water (I always drink lots of coffee while traveling) and kombucha with cranberry/orange juice is a great way to get more vitamin C and the probiotics our guts need.

I FEELS SO GOOD to be home and seriously with OUR FOOD and our critters.

If you have any questions about a cleanse please reach out. Happy to help.

By Suzi Shelhamer

Snack hack

What’s a hack? To me it’s taking an ordinary action and Improving upon it.  I have my Energy Hack of breathing deeply with my hands on my hips and standing like Wonder Woman. I’ll exhale with affirmations like, ‘I feel amazing’! Or ‘I am energized’. For 10 deep breaths and viola, I AM ENERGIZED!!

Depending on what your lacking, that same posture and breath work can really work for you. Say you’re feeling depressed. Stand like Wonder Woman or Superman and say ‘I am happy’ , or ‘I am full of Joy’!

Here is a video demonstration:

So back to Snack Hacking. A snack hack is really just mindful eating. Instead of grabbing a handful of your favorite snack tossing your head back and throwing a mouthful in, take that same handful of let’s say granola (or as my friend Linda calls it – Gorp) and set it on a pretty plate. Then take one almond or raisin etc at a time and savor it. Try chewing each tasty morsel up to 20 times before swallowing.   I really enjoy chewing on a nut until it becomes nutbutter.

Eating slower like this helps aide digestion up to 30%  you have broken down the food before your stomach has to do all the work  this also helps you to become fuller on less food  it gives your body enough time to process and send the signal to your brain that you are full, rather than shoving handfuls of food down mindlessly and later looking down you’ve eaten the whole bag in one setting.

Here is another snack hack.  I’ve got one peanutbutter protein ball here and one piece of Raw Energy  both are about a 1/2 square.  Easy enough to pop several in your mouth in a short amount of time.

Instead I’ve chopped them up into little pieces and have them on a cute plate (presentation is everything ya know) and will be more AWARE of what I’m putting into my mouth and savor each piece more.

More on Mindful Eating later.



By Suzi Shelhamer

Why I left social media after $700.


Forth and back I go. The love hate relationship with social media.

  • Connect with friends and family
  • Be shocked by friends and family
  • See great recipes and health tips
  • See recipes full of processed foods and sugars
  • See inspirational quotes
  • See fear and hate images
  • Get rid of unwanted things quickly
  • Find great scores of desired items for cheap.
  • Promote our many businesses
  • Attract strangers with mean intentions  (‘Trolls’-my friend Kate calls them)


Where does the $700 come in? Well I found an awesome young man on Instagram who helped build my online business via Instagram and Facebook . He turned my IG account into a business account. Hooked me up with a program that gets me friends/followers. I started out with 180+ Followers and after 3 months I had 1400 strangers following me.

Obviously with a name like ‘healthy.suzi’ my content is all healthy minded posts. My name for my coaching business is Authentic Bliss Academy. So I created a page on FB for it and my genius business coach suggested a Group page and then some challenges to create interaction. The group page was my favorite and I actually miss the group.

The techniques my coach taught me worked, I have some great clients, and if I ever want to get going online again, I know how.  I’d much rather attract my clients at a local level, and more naturally.  Authentic…ya know?


My online health coaching business has grown thanks to the tips my business coach taught me, but I was already limiting my social media time when I started with him as I believe it encourages the ego and I know from personal experience, it causes relationships to end (due to ego issues).


I must have ‘made it Big’ as Kate says, because I earned a troll heckling me on Instagram. I confronted him and wished him peace.  He wished peace back to me, but we had a scary feeling about this person.  Time to let social media go.

So to get to the point…I saw a couple of very profound videos that I want to share with those who feel they may be addicted to social media and their cell phones.  These  two clips also really helped nail the head into the social media/phone addiction coffin.

And before I share those links, I do want to report how I’ve felt since I’ve given up social media.  Imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart screaming FREEDOM!


  • I am working out more – anytime I look at my phone with no social media apps, and think of the time I would’ve wasted sitting there looking at my phone, I could’ve worked out…just a 15 minute walk on the treadmill to get the heart rate up for a bit.
  • I’m making more homemade goods like granola, kombucha, cacao bark etc…
  • I’m finishing up little old projects, and starting new ones…tapping into my creativity.
  • I notice the urge to get on and check something out – even my old content, and notice a real feeling of growth, when I let it go.  Breaking addiction is very empowering.
  • I love sitting and visiting with Mitch, and we are back to reading to each other again.

SO here are the videos that helped me see my addiction, and shined a light onto what the creators of Facebook intended, and then feeling guilty for how far out of control their Frankenstien had become.  The first clip is a little over 1 minute long, the second video is 15 minutes, not a real positive thing, unless you’re looking for something to help you to become more authentic, and to break your addiction to social media.  Could you turn it off for a week?

VIDEO: Get off your cellular device


VIDEO: What Facebook Creators don’t want you to know


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I wish you peace.

By Suzi Shelhamer